In the years following the First World War, Etienne DEPAGNE settled at La Tronche in Isère where he founded a company called Manufacture Dauphinoise d’Appareillage Electrique in 1920.

He focused his production on connection, circuit-breaker and protection equipment housed in cast iron enclosures.


L'histoire de depagne en 1950The history of Depagne in 1950 Following the death of Mr. DEPAGNE, his son-in-law, Marcel Jean Mussi took over and transformed the firm into DEPAGNE SA.

Cast iron was replaced by sheet metal and the company moved towards the reuse of special assemblies in addition to its production of pedestals.

With the development of synthetic materials, sheet metal was gradually abandoned in favour of these.


Michel Mussi (the current CEO), the eldest son, joined the company and took over the sales sector which he developed both in France and abroad.


Laboratoire de recherche DepagneDEPAGNE set up a research and quality assurance laboratory.


The company won its first export contract (Algeria).

A wide range of complementary equipment was growing all the time.

Taking into account the increasingly important role of synthetic materials, DEPAGNE gradually integrated the processing of these types of material into its own production lines in order to control costs and quality and become a manufacturer in its own right.


To achieve this aim, the company acquired a new production site at Saint Gervais le Port, in Isère, on which various workshops were set up:

  • an injection moulding workshop
  • a compression moulding workshop
  • a polyester workshop

These three workshops enabled the company to control all the production techniques relating to plastics processing in order to extend and diversify its range of products.

Thus the company was no longer dependent on suppliers or third-parties in its production chain.

Site de production Depagne


The company acquired an additional site at La Tronche in Isère to mass-produce mechanical assemblies.


Integration of contact-moulded polyester production at the Saint Gervais site.


Integration of thermoplastic injection moulding production.


Integration of thermoset compression moulding production.


Extension of the original site at La Tronche.Agrandissement du site Depagne


Michel Mussi became the Chief Executive Officer.

Acquisition of AFAQ / ISO 9002 quality certification.

AFAQ / iso 9002


Vincent MUSSI, the son of Michel MUSSI, joined the company in the methods & production department.


Purchase of a new production site at La Rivière in Isère housing the mass production of larger quantities of equipment.

Nouveau site de production depagne


DEPAGNE SA changed its status from a “société anonyme” (French public limited company) and became a “société par actions simplifiée” (French joint stock company).


Acquisition of AFAQ / ISO 9001:2000 quality certification.


Acquisition of AFAQ / ISO 9001:2008 quality certification.

AFAQ Iso 9001


Transfer of the injection moulding activity to the site at La Rivière and the assembly and wiring activity to the Saint Gervais site.


Vincent Mussi took over the Sales France department.

Introduction of a new sales policy and a communications strategy through actions such as the creation of a new general catalogue and modernising our logo.

Evolution du logo depagne


Mr Vincent MUSSI becomes the managing director and Mr Michel MUSSI remains the Chairman of DEPAGNE company.

Removal of the historic headquarters  from LA TRONCHE to MEYLAN town, still in Isère (38) .




Mr Vincent MUSSI continue the business.

The company employs 150 persons spread over the headquarters and the 2 production sites in Isère.