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Protection & connection

Our range of protection and connection products equips all the products installed in the various enclosures (boxes, cabinets, pedestals and panels) we offer. They disconnect and protect the electrical circuits, contributing to the safety of the connections.

The range includes three main product families:


The range includes all the basic types of interchangeable single-pole circuit-breakers: 10×38, 14×51, 22×58, size 00 and triple neutral.
It also includes connection boxes (two-pole or four-pole).
All of these products (or equipment) comply with ERDF specifications and the European standards currently in force.

Fuse cartridges

The range includes two types of fuse cartridge:

  • Cylindrical NF AD (10×38, 14×51 and 22×58), Industrial (8×32, 10×38, 14×51 and 22×58).
  • KNIFE FUSE CARTRIDGE NH: AD (size 00), gG (size 2, spacing 115 or 160 mm), Industrial High-breaking capacity fuses (size 00, 0, 1, 2 and 3).


The range includes 2 categories of accessories:

  • those designed for fuse cartridges (adapters, fuse-holder bases, handles),
  • those linked to accessibility (locks, fixed and articulated keys).