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Solutions for apartment blocks and housing estates

For a number of years, Depagne has been designing and producing products meeting the power supply needs of apartment blocks and housing estates.
Our products comply with standard NF C14-100.

Today our solutions for apartment blocks and housing estates include different types of equipment:

The 200A and 400A riser

The rising main is designed to supply electricity to subscribers up to 36 kVA in communal housing.
It includes 200A and 400A floor distributors as well as electricity metering panels.

Disconnection and riser protection

Our range provides for a disconnection point and/or protection accessible in the public domain and incorporates the standards governing distribution, circuit-breakers and general or individual protection for power supplies in apartment blocks.
It includes the C400-P200, ECP 3D and REMBT box ranges.

Power supply for housing estates.

Our boxes and pedestals allow the connection of all private houses to the public low voltage electricity distribution network.
These boxes can be installed outdoors or at a property boundary (accessible from the public domain).
Meters are read from boxes equipped with a remote reading base, using an HMR (Hand-held Meter Reader).

Circuit-breaker cabinet

This type of cabinet is used to connect and isolate the elements of low voltage networks. It is also used for the distribution, cutoff supply with or without assistance on the network (either on 1, 2 or 3 building mains, or on housing estate networks).

In order to size and prepare the diagrams for your studies, Depagne also provides the services of design offices, installers, project managers and craftsmen, plus electrical riser design software, COLONELEC, to compile a complete connection file.

The DEPAGNE ranges which may interest you: