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General catalog




Dear customers,

This year again, we devoted all

our energies to serve

your projects

. With this philosophy, we propose you

our third opus of our general catalog. It is evolving

in order to always propose the best from our products.

Many arrangements have been carried out in order


make easier

the search for code numbers and

to give you as many information as possible.

Our commercial team puts its energy at your service

and remains

at your disposal

for all information and

technical support you may need.

The quality remains our 1


commitment to

satisfy you


First of all, the quality of our products but also of our

departments. Thus, we created

specialized teams by poles


costing, technical support, quality/after sale service and

energy supply terminals.

Always with the will to take

environmentally responsible

actions, we are developing with our partners, smart

products with solutions allowing real energy and

operational cost savings.

Depagne not only sells useful functions on a daily basis

but goes forward, imagining

global and innovative


in various fields such as:

- public lighting management,

from power supply cabinet to light point,

- energy supply of docks and pontoons,

from the harbour office to pedestals,

- and many others….

We hope you will totally enjoy the discovery of





which are proposed

in this new general catalog.

Good energy to you !

Michel and Vincent MUSSI